To love and to be loved is what most people want, but what happens when the one you love dies? or you discover he/she is a fraud, who only wants to steal your money?

It feels wonderful to have someone who loves you and treats you well, and it is devastating when that loved one is lost, no matter what the reason.

I am a new author, but I have years of experience as an educator and leader of all ages, and after grieving for a year over the loss of my husband of fifty years, I started dating again at the age of 75. I thought internet dating was exciting, and even though I was scammed, I met a lot of wonderful men and was finally successful in finding the “one” for me. It took three years to find him, but remember this saying, “It is better to be single than to be in a bad relationship!” Repeat this and know that it is true. With internet dating one must be very selective.

I share my story as if we are sitting together chatting and my fans tell me it is captivating and inspiring. I hope that you will buy my book, read it, and help me share the important messages so that others can avoid becoming a scammer’s victim and losing your money and possibly your heart.

“Life doesn’t end while you are on the green side of the grass,” a friend once told me and he is right. Don’t give up on yourself, read my book it will help you:

  • Navigate grief and heal.
  • Manage your thoughts.
  •  Re-gain your self-confidence and improve your self-image.
  • Assess your options and create a plan of action for your future.
  •  Make quality decisions.
  •  Stay safe emotionally, physically and financially.
  •  Have a fun and successful internet dating experience.
  •  Spot and avoid scammers (criminals) before losing your shirt (money) or your heart.

Don’t give up! Instead, buy “Learning to Dance in the Rain II – Surviving Grief, Internet Dating and Romance Scam” today. Tell others. “The inheritance you save may be your own!